Important Notice - Auction Fraud Alert

The Nigeria Customs Service would like to emphasize the following key points to help protect the public from falling victim to fraud

Payment for Won Auctions: The Nigeria Customs Service will never ask you to make payments for won auctions through personal bank accounts or unofficial channels.

All payments for auctioned vehicles should be made through officially designated payment gateways or banks.

No Gratification Required: We do not require any form of gratification or facilitation fees to secure a successful auction bid.

Official Communication: Official communications from the Nigeria Customs Service will be sent through recognized and verifiable channels. Be cautious of unsolicited emails, phone calls, or messages claiming to be from us. Verify their authenticity by contacting our official channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to register for Auction?
Logon to URL
Create an account
Fund your eWallet
Place your bid on any desired Item (Vehicle or Container)
What documents are required for the registration?

You don’t need any document to register you only need
1. Valid TIN
2. Valid email that is linked to your TIN
3. Phone Number

Can participant view detailed information about each item, including condition and Origin?

Yes, A participant can do both on the eAuction platform

How does the bidding process work?
1. Interested participant need to register on the Nigeria Customs Service eAuction site/platform, which involves involves personal information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
2. Verification: depending on the platform, there maybe verification process to confirm the identity of participant by submitting necessary details about TIN, email, Phone number.
3. Viewing eAuction listing: Participant can browse the listings of item available for Auction. This listings typically include details about each item, such as description and condition.
4. Bidding period: the eauction platforms specifies the start and end times for the bidding period. Participants can place bids on itemsthey are interested in within this time-frame.
5. Notification of winning bid: once the bidding period ends, participants with the highest bid for each items are notified of their success. This notification includes details about the winning amount.
6. Payment: winners are required to make payment for the items they won within a specific time-frame. Payment method and instruction are provided by the eAuction platform
Access to the Nigeria Customs Service e-Auction portal mandates a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).
A TIN is compulsory for participation in the e-Auction process.
To facilitate a seamless experience on the portal, kindly secure your TIN from FIRS before accessing the platform, ensuring accurate input during the registration process
To participate in the exciting auction opportunities available on the Nigeria Customs Service eAuction portal, signing up is a prerequisite. Ensure you complete the registration process before attempting to engage in any auctions.
Ensure you have access to the email address Linked to the FIRS TIN used for registration before proceeding to register
Please be informed that a nominal Administrative Charge of N1000 is applicable for a successful sign-up on the Nigeria Customs Service eAuction portal.
Participating in the any auction opportunity on the Nigeria Customs Service e-Auction portal attracts a participation fee of N1000 with each bid.
You are allow to bid ONLY two items in a window but can bid each of those two items repeatedly to increase your chance of winning the item